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& # 39; Cory In The House! & # 39; Phoebe Gameplay! | (Battleborn Open Beta)

Sign up for more Battleborn! Phoebe is another melee character. She has a magic

Battleborn – Pheobe v Bots 42kills (Casual Gameplay)

PS4 Battleborn – Pheobe in Bots Battle using vow of heavy rage. Slow start,

A Clean Pheobe Getaway (Battleborn Gameplay)

Yes, I did Lakeland, but he made it alive, so it's all good: ^)

Phoebe Character Guide | Phoebe Helix Build, Gear Loadout, PvP Tips | Battleborn

Phoebe is amazing and this character guide is about its helix-building, gearbox and some