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Battleborn Gameplay – A Penguin In A Robo Suit – Toby Gameplay

Yes, it's so cute as it sounds. Do not ask. — A huge band

(BattleBorn) Reyna PvP Guide (Support Monster)

Happnin Folks, I recently played as Reyna, the commander of the rogue faction. When

Battleborn Toby Multiplayer Gameplay

I hope you like this video! If you want to see a particular game,

Battleborn: Toby's Friendship Raid-First Impressions

SPOILERS: An improvement on Thrall Rebellion in all respects. Brilliant aesthetic and music, solid

Battleborn – Toby Skills Overview Trailer | PS4

Described as a peacekeeper, that he was "so cute", Toby turned his important technology

Battleborn Beta – Toby gameplay

Play Incursion as Everyone's Favorite Penguin

Battleborn Character Rating: Toby

We look at the fleeting anger that is known only as Toby. His Skill