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Battleborn – Benedict, the Airborne Peacekeeper Attacker [Character Breakdown]

The Wisecracking, Airborne, Birdman, Benedict is one of Battleborn's 26 (June 2016) playable characters.

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LIVE Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (Road To Master Prestige) Multiplayer Gameplay

Benedict | We win this game! | Battleborn Gameplay

Benedict plays over overgrowth If you enjoy the content, feel free to comment, comment

Peacekeeper MK2 Unlock Guide (Call of Duty Black Ops 3)

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Battleborn Completed Lore – Ernest (Details & Help)

Unlocked all Ernest's lore. Here is the Legendary Gear reward, the complete picture, the

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Peacekeeper MK2 Destruction

Hello guys, Today I bring you a little black ops 3 game of mine