Far Cry 4 – Some Superplay in Outpost Master Mode (Part 2) – PS4

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Links to the Different Outposts:
KEO Logging Camp (0:06)
Namboche Monastery 1st edition (0:41)
Namboche Monastery 2nd edition (1:40)
KEO Pradhana Mine (2:30)
Sahi Jile Checkpoint 1st Edition (3:42)
Sahi Jile Checkpoint 2nd Edition (4:52)
Bhirabatha Outpost (6:05)
Lhumtse Baracks (7:33)
KEO Gold Storage 1st Edition (9:10)
KEO Gold Storage 2nd Edition (9:51)
Shikarpur 1st version (10:39)
Shikarpur 2nd Edition (11:31)

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