All 16 LAND ANIMAL Locations in Far Cry 5 (Animal Hunting Challegnes / Eagles, Hare, Skunk, …)

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By finding all the animal locations in Far Cry 5, you unlock extra points that you can spend. This animal location includes Eagles, Hare or Skunk, as well as predators such as wolves or bears. With each of these animal hunting challenges you must skin a certain amount until you unlock your extra points.

Keep in mind that you must use your ultimate Hunter skill and that you are a bait to attract or find animals.

1 deer – 00:28
2 Pronghorn – 00:48
3 Each – 01:09
4 Caribou – 01:34
5 Bison – 01:57
6 Moose – 2:20
7 Hare -…

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